System identification

  • dyn-opt - Various Python tools for data pre-processing and dynamic system model identification.



  • process-observers (coming soon) - MATLAB scripts to implement various process observers, including Kalman filter and EKF.

  • mpc-code - MATLAB scripts to implement MPC prediction equations and control laws for linear system models.

Simulation environments

  • gym-CartPole-bt-v0 - A modified version of the cart-pole OpenAI Gym environment for testing different control policies.

  • gym-julia - Julia version of above cart-pole test environment.

  • process-models - MATLAB process simulation models for control system design.

I am also a contributor to the open source Python Control Systems Library.

Machine learning

  • experiments - Tools to setup and manage machine learning tests and experiments on a remote machine.

Energy optimization

  • energy-opt - Python functions for analyzing energy consumption in industrial process operations.